A big data analytics platform for college football.
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What is Coaches By The Numbers?

Coaches By The Numbers (CBTN) is a product created by SportSource Analytics. It was created on the principle that if you can find and use better data, you can make better decisions. CBTN is a statistical platform specifically dedicated to the analysis of College Football Coaches and Teams. CBTN has been designed for use by Athletic Departments, Coaching Staffs, Media, Agents, and Search Firms.

Current Customers

The CBTN customer roster spans collegiate athletics departments, coaching staffs, sports agents, and media.
We have customers in every major NCAA athletic conference. We have every major sports agency.

What Services does CBTN Offer?

Coaches By The Numbers offers a wide variety of services that are all centered around our state-of-the-art analytics platform, including:
The features above are just the start. We have since added tons of tools ranging from detailed 'Situational' scouting reports, Correlation Analysis tools, Winning Formula calculation tools, and much much more.

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